How to Beat The January Blues in the Workplace

How to Beat The January Blues in the Workplace

It's January, the New year's celebrations are over and the novelty of our Christmas gifts are wearing off but before you let the cold dark nights send you to the depths of misery, here are a few tips on how to beat the January Blues in the workplace.

Bleary-eyed we step back into work after the party season, after catching up with colleagues our motivation for sorting through the endless emails diminishes instantly.

It is too easy to fall into unhealthy post-festive season habits and get caught up in wintertime stressors. Instead stay focused, motivated and positive... this year January will launch you into the best year yet!


Stay active

If you struggle to get yourself to the gym then why not ask a friend to join you in your weekly workouts or join one of the gym classes to remain accountable.

Be sure to vary your routine between strength and aerobic training, such as weight lifting, running & swimming.

Also, going straight there after work means once you get home you can just relax without having to leave again. Keep track of your progress with photos too, this can help keep you motivated.

Reward yourself

Whatever challenges you might have to face throughout the month, whether it's hitting a gym target, keeping up a new hobby, day-to-day chores or even writing an email you've been putting off, make sure you give yourself a treat after completing it.

There is no better way to beat the January Blues than with indulgent treats!

Say ‘no’ if you need to

Although you might feel pressured to say ‘yes’ every time your friends and family ask you to participate in plans, your loved ones will understand if you need to take a breather.

Perhaps your colleague asks you to complete another task on top of your overflowing workload before the end of the day, they'll appreciate the task being done properly but the next day rather than a rushed incomplete one.

Try to incorporate alone time in your daily schedule to de-stress (eg listening to music, taking a walk or reading a book in the bath).


Keep a Nutritional Diet

Chilly temperatures do far more damage than simply sending a shiver down your spine. Indeed, health experts confirm that cold weather also lowers your immune system’s ability to fight off germs and bacteria.

However, incorporating a variety of healthy foods within your diet can help bolster your body’s defence against wintertime sneezes and sniffles.

  • Enjoy citrus fruits—Boosting your vitamin C
  • Pick protective proteins - Lean proteins such as fish filled with omega-3 is known to help protect your lungs from a respiratory infection
  • Choose the right spices - Spices such as turmeric, ginger and cinnamon are smart choices for keeping your immune system strong

Set an achievable New Year's Resolution

The reason so many New Year's Resolutions fail is because they are unachievable. Setting realistic goals is the key to success!

Making resolutions to better yourself is a good thing, but make sure it is something you can stick to and if you're able to monitor your progress, that's even better. This will avoid any disappointment of underachieving, losing motivation and giving up.

Plan a Holiday

For many of us, we would have received a new holiday allowance at work so there’s no better time to pencil in a getaway for a week or two.

Whether it is with family or friends, a local break or a beach retreat, getting this booked and in the calendar will give you something on the horizon to look forward to.

More than anything, be sure to maintain a healthy routine incorporating one or a few of these tips and you'll stay smiling this January.

Remember don't overlook the small things or helping others during the day that will help you stay positive and motivated.