Do I Need Community or Charity Event Insurance?

Do I Need Community or Charity Event Insurance?

If, like me, you have found yourself raising your hand at a meeting and offering to organise your next community or charity event, then, you’ll also recognise that feeling of panic as you start to realise precisely what you have signed up for!!

From deciding on the type of event, from quizzes to fetes, concerts or fun days, to finding a venue or volunteers, the whole process can seem quite overwhelming.  

As such, it is easy to overlook the intangibles’ such as Charity Event Insurance. Let’s look at some of the different potential cover options and claims scenarios in more detail.

Public Liability Insurance

If your event is taking place at a local authority or another public venue, you will probably be asked to provide confirmation of liability cover up to either a £2,000,000 or £5,000,000 limit of indemnity.

Public Liability Insurance provides protection against your legal liabilities for injury to a member of the public or damage to property as a result of the event activities.

For example, a stage or stall collapses and injures several attendees, or someone slips on a wet floor and breaks an ankle.

TOP TIP: If you are providing specialist activities as part of your event, such as a Bouncy Castle or Trampoline, you must check that the supplier has adequate insurance cover.

You should also make sure that your own policy contains contingent cover in case of any injuries.


Employers Liability Insurance

If you are directly employing staff or using unpaid volunteers at your event, you have a legal obligation to protect their well-being.  

Employers Liability Insurance provides cover for your legal liabilities should an employee or volunteer be injured while acting under your instruction.

For example, they fall from a ladder while putting up bunting and break a leg and you are held liable as the ladder was not deemed suitable.

Contents or Equipment

Depending on the event, you may be hiring or utilising your own equipment which needs to be protected against theft or accidental damage.  

For example, you buy a PA system and one of the speakers is stolen or accidentally falls over and suffers damage.

Money Cover

The crucial part of fundraising is securing donations or cash relating to your event.  Sadly, there is still a risk that monies could be stolen.  

A Charity or Community Event policy can provide cover and peace of mind that all your efforts and hard work won’t be in vain.


If for reasons outside your control the event needs to be cancelled, postponed, abandoned or relocated, and you suffer a financial loss, you can insure your irrecoverable expenses and any loss of net profit.  

Hopefully, everything will go smoothly, but occasionally circumstances will work against even the most robust of plans:

  • Illness or injury to a band member or lead speaker
  • Transport or logistical issues
  • Security problems at your venue

We also cannot forget the good old British weather, this is another common reason for cancellation should adverse conditions deem it too dangerous for the event to take place.


What if the event is over more than one day?

Specialist event insurers understand that every activity is different and provide flexible cover be it for a couple of hours to several weeks, most events also involve some sort of set-up and dismantling which can run over several days.  

A standard Charity Event Insurance policy will recognise this and provide cover without additional charge.

What Type of Events are typically covered?

Insurers recognise that events are diverse and perhaps the more obscure, the better in terms of standing out from the crowd and achieving maximum sponsorship and donations.

At Insync we can look at all types of event including:

  • Community Barbecues or Carnivals
  • Bazaars, Jumble Sales, Bring and Buy Events, Craft Fairs, Car Boot Sales, Fetes and Fun Days
  • Charity Auctions, Garden Parties, Quiz Evenings, Dance or Film Shows
  • Conferences, Seminars, Exhibitions or Golf Days
  • Camping, Canoeing, Cycling, Sponsored Walks to Fun Runs

How Do You Arrange Cover?

Charity or Community Event Insurance is surprisingly simple to arrange.  Speak to a specialist broker such as Insync, who can talk through the various cover options and ensure that you have the right protection at the right price.  

The process is painless, and there is usually no fuss or forms to complete, and cover can be arranged immediately if required.  

Call one of our Insurance Gurus on 0330 1240730 for more details, we would love to hear from you!