Insync Beauty & Aesthetics Letter To PM Boris Johnson

Insync Beauty & Aesthetics Letter To PM Boris Johnson

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the Leadership Team at Insync has been working tirelessly with Beauty & Aesthetic influencers to promote the safe working practices of this great profession.  It is our belief that the 1-on-1 clinical setting and existing health and safety protocols which are promoted and trained in our industry offer one of the safest workplace settings in UK Industry.

The announcement on the 9th July that beauty & aesthetic clinics and practitioners could legally resume work on 13th July was very welcome, but the restrictions on the ability to provide treatments “on the face” in the Covid-Secure Guidelines has left us all bemused and very frustrated.

Working closely with the Forgotten Industry Association (FIA) and other leading bodies we are lobbying the Government to review industry practices in more detail and remove this misguided ruling on facial treatments as soon as possible.

Our insurer partners are willing and able to provide cover for all treatments, policy cover has never been restricted, it is purely the HSE Health and Safety Guidelines set by the Governments bodies which now restricts businesses from operating fully.

We have written an Open Letter to the Prime Minister which is being presented along with other beauty and aesthetic industry supporting documentation collated by the FIA to MP’s who are personally lobbying our case in Parliament.

We all stand together in this cause and we won’t rest until common sense prevails and all treatments can recommence.