Medical Malpractice - What Insurance Does a Medical Professional Need?

Medical Malpractice - What Insurance Does a Medical Professional Need?

Medical professionals shoulder a tremendous amount of responsibility on a daily, if not hourly basis. Their job duties can sometimes even be a matter of life-and-death.

Because your job as a medical professional can involve many risks, you should make sure you have robust Insurance programme including Professional Indemnity or Medical Malpractice Insurance cover to protect yourself, your business and any employees.


Why Do Medical Professionals Need Insurance?

Medical professionals need insurance to help protect themselves against the wide-ranging risks inherent in their jobs, such as malpractice, negligence and other claims that arise from liabilities or a breach of professional duty.

Insurance for medical professionals can cover public and private hospitals, surgeries, clinical research units, industrial and occupational health clinics, care homes and more. The breadth of protection mirrors the extensive risks.

Who Needs Cover?

Anyone who works in the medical profession needs to seriously consider Medical Malpractice insurance.

This includes doctors, nurses or midwives, or more specialised positions such as occupational therapists, physiotherapists and paediatricians.

For some, certain covers like medical indemnity may be a regulatory requirement, so make sure you know the specific requirements for your profession.

Will I Have Cover Through the NHS?

Depending on your regulatory body, you may already be covered. For example, the National Health Service (NHS) insures most of its medical staff for the duties in their contracts.

However, the NHS may not cover everything and can render employees vulnerable by leaving gaps in coverage.

Whether the NHS or another health care organisation insures your professional conduct, the British Medical Association still recommends supplementary insurance to compensate for porous cover.

Check your policy documentation carefully to determine whether it leaves you or your employees exposed.


Medical Indemnity Insurance

A comprehensive medical indemnity policy inspires the confidence to do your job without being plagued by the stress that accompanies allegations of negligence.

A typical Medical Professional Indemnity Insurance policy will cover you on a claims-made basis in the event of malpractice, breach of duty or dishonesty of your partners, directors or employees in the course of business operations.

It can also provide compensation for claims and legal services, and insure against actions or omissions of your employees.

Cover is usually arranged according to the specific medical profession. The following three main types of indemnity cover are organised by position:

  • Doctors and dentists may need to extend their coverage beyond NHS’ policy to practise medicine in affiliation with other professional health care organisations.  Extra private insurance helps protect against liabilities outside of the workplace, such as performing charity or volunteer work or administering emergency care while off-duty (Good Samaritan acts). Doctors and dentists not under contract with the NHS will need their own medical indemnity insurance
  • Nurses and doctor assistants are usually covered under their employers’ insurance but should check just to be sure. Because patients may file a claim against employers or against nurses and doctor assistants personally, it is wise to make sure your employees are covered on both fronts.
  • Pharmacists will probably receive professional indemnity cover through their employers. Independent pharmacists, however, need insurance to protect themselves against a vast array of industry-related claims such as providing incorrect dosages or medications, failing to prevent adverse drug interactions or giving shoddy advice.

What Other Cover May be Required

If you are a private medical professional and have your own surgery or other premises, consider the following forms of cover to ensure you and your business are adequately protected:

  • Employers Liability Insurance (Required by law if you have any employees)
  • Property Damage to contents and equipment
  • Loss / Theft of Money
  • Public Liability and Products liability
  • Property Cover for Buildings
  • Business Interruption
  • Personal Accident
  • Computer or Specialist Medical Equipment Cover
  • Legal expenses

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