Motor Trade Insurance - 3 Top Tips When Working Beneath Vehicles

Motor Trade Insurance - 3 Top Tips When Working Beneath Vehicles

Servicing and maintaining vehicles can be hazardous, but a good health and safety policy can help to reduce your Motor Trade Insurance risk and in turn, your premiums!

Complacency Can Cause Accidents

For many in the motor trade industry, working beneath a vehicle is a regular, everyday occurrence.

It is often necessary to check for faults, servicing and repairs. But because these tasks are so common, many employees become too comfortable working beneath vehicles.


This over-familiarity can be lethal—workers may think that because they ‘do this every day’, they are immune to danger.

Workers risk their lives by not taking the risks of working beneath vehicles seriously. Just because it is familiar does not mean it is not dangerous.

3 Simple Tips To Keep You Safe

Stress adherence to the following best practices to keep your employees safe and respectful of the dangers associated with working beneath vehicles:

  • Use equipment correctly. Just one small slip-up can cause a massive accident when working beneath a vehicle. Make sure your business has safe working procedures in place for moving heavy, raised loads, and that your employees are heeding them. Prohibit your employees from exceeding the rated capacity (safe working load) of any lifting equipment.
  • Maintain lifting equipment, and train operators to use it correctly. Disregarding regular lift maintenance causes accidents. Lift equipment, which is so essential for your employees’ jobs and safety, needs regular maintenance to prevent it from becoming dangerous. Train employees to evenly balance the lift for different types of vehicles—knowing the centre of gravity is vital for preventing cars from falling.
  • Check equipment regularly and schedule inspections. In addition to your own regular maintenance, schedule periodic inspections by a competent person who should issue a ‘Report of Thorough Examination’. The HSE recommends having these inspections every six months. Other lifting equipment such as trolley and bottle jacks, engine hoists and vehicle-mounted cranes should be examined every 12 months by a competent person who will also issue a Report of Thorough Examination.

When working away from the workshop, always make sure the ground is firm and level before raising a vehicle.

Unstable or bumpy ground will not adequately support a raised vehicle.

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