Motor Trade Insurance Explained - Why Employers' Liability Matters

Motor Trade Insurance Explained - Why Employers' Liability Matters

Working in the motor trade industry can be surprisingly dangerous.

Whether moving a vehicle, working in a repair or body shop, or handling a multitude of chemicals—this seemingly innocuous industry actually hosts several deadly perils.

To safely protect employees, employers have a legal obligation to purchase Employers liability cover as part of their Motor Trade Insurance package.


Key Motor Industry Risks

According to the Motor Vehicle Repair Industry (MVR), there have been 33 deaths and 7,000 injuries in the last five years, which highlights the genuine exposure to trade workers and your duty of care as a trade employer.

Consider this situation: several employees are sweeping and mopping the floor of your vehicle repair bay or body shop.

Following all procedures, and through no fault of their own, one employee slips into the vehicle lift causing it to fall, landing on himself and another worker.

The employees sustain serious injuries that prevent them from working for at least four weeks.

Suddenly you find that they are claiming your business is responsible and are seeking compensation from the accident, including legal costs.

But with proper employers’ liability cover, you would be protected in such a situation—which has the potential to happen every single day—and you would avoid having to pay such astronomical costs with no prior warning.

Do All Businesses Need Liability Cover for Employees?

All businesses must possess employers’ liability cover unless they qualify as one of the following:

  • Companies where the owner is the only employee
  • Family businesses where all employees are strictly related
  • Public organisations such as government departments
  • Health service bodies
  • Organisations financed through public funds

Certificates Need to Be Displayed

Once you obtain employers’ liability cover, your insurer will provide you with an official certificate of insurance to verify your cover.

You must display a copy of the certificate in a place where employees can easily read it or display the certificate electronically.

If you do display it electronically, you have a duty to educate your employees on where and how to find the certificate.

Some diseases or injuries can appear decades after exposure, and some Insurers are still receiving a wealth of asbestos claims many years after employees had completed their work and left their employment.

As such, you should maintain a complete record of your insurance certificates. Insurers are now also obliged to register your details via the Employers Liability Tracing Office (ELTO), that way, proof of your past cover is available to potential claimants.

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