New and Exclusive Radiographers and Sonographers Insurance Scheme for members of the Society and College of Radiographers

New and Exclusive Radiographers and Sonographers Insurance Scheme for members of the Society and College of Radiographers

Tailored insurance protection for SCoR members, with a streamlined application process, comprehensive cover and expert support and advice


Initially, the roles from pure radiography and imaging through to reporting (including remote reporting) and also sonography, did not need any additional insurance wide of the Society’s provision.

Since October 1st, 2017; all members of the Society and College of Radiographers have needed to secure their independent Professional Indemnity, Medical Malpractice and Public Liability insurance for any work done outside of employment, including work as a contractor via a limited company through to self-employed or agency staff working through an umbrella company.

All independently practising healthcare practitioners should secure their own insurance protection, to protect themselves, their registration and job role and positions and most importantly; protect their patients.


As the preferred broker partner of the SCoR, our Insync Medical Indemnity Team worked closely with the society to launch our first Society of Radiographers Insurance scheme in 2017, allowing those members requiring independent insurance protection to obtain a simple and tailored solution.

During the last three years, we have gained ongoing feedback from SCoR members and after further consultation with the Society, we are extremely pleased to announce that we have added a new exclusive insurer scheme to our panel which will offer an even greater breadth of cover at the right price.

The new facility is completely exclusive to Insync and SCoR members and is underwritten by CNA Hardy, part of the CAN Financial Corporation.  CNA insures over 1 million businesses and professionals globally and is rated A+ (Strong) by Standard & Poor’s, providing genuine peace of mind that your insurance is in safe hands.

The other good news is that there are other two major factors where our new Sonographers and Radiographers insurance scheme will help members:

1)      For radiographers, sonographers and vascular scientists that wish to do some ad-hoc freelance agency or self-employed work, but are only earning up to £10,000 the pricing has reduced, which makes this way of working a lot more of a viable option.

2)      The new SCoR scheme extends to also protect those imaging professionals with full-time positions including self-employed or limited companies and in turn offers significant price reductions for a majority of practitioners, including existing Insync clients.

We are now able to offer instant quotations without the need for lengthy proposal forms. Following your enquiry, cover and documents will be made available immediately, allowing for more flexibility and immediate proof of insurance cover.


Pricing has now been aligned more closely to the activity and experience of members, often delivering significant premium savings against non-SCoR member alternatives.

This exclusive sonographers and radiographers insurance scheme is only available for current SCoR members and directly through Insync Insurance.

For more information or get a quote, you can contactor our specialist Medical & Healthcare Malpractice Team:

Callum Goulding (Senior Healthcare Malpractice Advisor)               Tel: 01202 647 486

Toby Reeves (Senior Healthcare Malpractice Advisor)                       Tel: 01202 509 413