Takeaway Insurance Tips - Safely Disinfect Your Fast Food Restaurant

Takeaway Insurance Tips - Safely Disinfect Your Fast Food Restaurant

A restaurant, takeaway or fast food business will live or die by its quality of food, cleanliness and feedback from customers.

In today’s social media world, reputations can be built or shattered overnight by online reviews.

With this in mind, cleanliness has never been so important, not only will good food hygiene drive improved ratings, it will reduce the risk of customer illness and subsequent products liability claims under your Fast Food Takeaway Insurance.


Keeping Bacteria Free

In a busy fast food restaurant people come into contact with your business in different areas of your property every single day.  

Whether it’s your employees, customers or delivery drivers, any of these can inadvertently leave bacteria behind.

It is not only in the winter months of the cold and flu season, bacteria can spread at any time of the year and will thrive in many areas of your takeaway restaurant, threatening to make you, your staff and your customers ill.

Good housekeeping and thorough disinfection can keep you and customers disease-free.

Food Preparation Areas

The food preparation area of the kitchen should be disinfected each-and-every shift to prevent illness.

Any surface that comes into contact with meat or vegetables is especially prone to germs.

An easy way to be sure that the area is disinfected thoroughly:

  1. Wash the surface with hot, soapy water to clean.
  2. Thoroughly rinse off the soap.
  3. Sanitise with a chlorine bleach solution.
  4. Air dry the surface.

Typically chlorine bleach solution can be made by adding approximately 15 mL of bleach to 3.75 litres of water.

As bleach will break down over time and lose its effectiveness, a fresh batch of the solution should be made and utilised before every shift.


Pot Washing and Dish Areas

The following dishwashing procedures will help ensure all bacteria are killed:

  • Wash pots, pans, glasses, dishes and utensils with hot soapy water in the first basin.
  • Rinse off the soap in the second basin.
  • Sanitise pots, pans, glasses, dishes and utensils in a chlorine bleach solution.
  • Air dry the dishes.

Staff Areas and Toilets

Routinely cleaning any staff rest areas and toilets is essential for protecting your employees and customers from contagious disease. Concentrate on every single surface.

  • Take any items sitting on surfaces out.
  • Sweep and dust the area to remove surface dirt and dust. This makes deep cleaning faster and more effective.
  • Using the chlorine bleach solution, begin cleaning at high points and work to lower ones, changing the solution when necessary. Concentrate on frequently touched surfaces like toilet seats, door handles and taps.
  • Mop the floor using the bleach solution.
  • Thoroughly wipe objects you removed using the bleach solution. When dry, replace everything.

All Other Common Areas

Wherever the public has access, disinfect all surfaces using chlorine bleach solution at least once a day.

This is the most efficient and easiest way to be sure that no one gets ill. Pay particular attention to any eating areas or floor surfaces, where foodstuff may have fallen.

Don’t forget to put up "wet floor" warning signs if customers or visitors may come into your takeaway to avoid any potential slips or trip incidents.

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